redbooknextdayThe Angel of History’s Outstretched, Crumpled Wings: Marketing David Bowie

The process of arrival behind David Bowie’s The Next Day album is revelatory and deserving of Harvard Business Review case-study. All at once, the planet’s ears seemed crooked for a visionary-sound. Call it the ‘Listen To Me, Don’t Listen To Me’ campaign—a paradox of stony silence that served, vexingly, to underline imminent sonic arrival.

Face the music, my fellow Slaves to History: We slouch through an era of cultural exhaustion. Traditional barriers to entry (ya know, singular talent, hard-won record contracts, production budgets, stuff like that…) are in full-scale retreat. There’s a basement recording artist born every minute. Mediocrity now rushes in on the backs of myriad tuneless Pro Tools fools (more on backwardation presently).

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