1-24-2013 3-51-07 PMWhen I named this blog Red Book Red Sail, I was unaware of any direct Jungian references to a red sail, which is the title of a Bowie song on his 1979 album, Lodger.

Of course Jung is the author of The Red Book. Nonetheless I felt quite certain, at least on an intuitive level,  that such a reference existed and would present itself in due course. The image is simply too provocative and compelling not to carry some sort of archetypal weight.

The other day, I received my confirmation via David Cronenberg’s 2011 Freud-Jung movie, A Dangerous Method. Jung’s wealthy wife Emma purchases for him a red-sailed boat, a luxurious indulgence he had hankered after as a young man but lacked the means to afford on his own. According to Cronenberg, this is an actual story. Red sails speak to an almost luridly bold life journey, something to which both men’s lives handily attest. There is also a sublime permissioning being offered from the very patrician Emma to her unconventional and (soon to be) recalcitrant husband. The red sail is striking, audacious, sexual–all those red-letter adjectives that point to a larger-than-life expedition.